SPT WA-1211S 12000 BTU Window Air Conditioner Review

Main Features:

  1. 12000 BTU cooling Capacity
  2. 3 fan speed
  3. Washable Filter
  4. Temperature Range from 62-86 F


Pros of SPT WA-1211S:

1. The remote controller that came with the unit is effective around 180 degrees. Users liked the fact that they do not have to walk up to their unit to effect changes and they were particularly wowed by the range of settings available.

2. The timer functionality is useful in switching off the unit at different times of the day. It is particularly helpful to users who accidentally fall asleep and helps to cut down electricity bills.

3. The unit comes with an adjustable air vent that allows users to direct air to any corners that they wish.

4. The unit comes with three-speed fan mode which are: low, medium and high. But you can just put the fan in “auto mode” and it will set a temperature and stick to it.

5. The unit comes with a washable filter, and it will alert you when the filter needs to be cleaned.

6. The unit came with an inbuilt dehumidifier; this came in the form of a “dry mode” on the remote controller. It helped in removing the moisture content of the room.

7. The unit comes with a regular power outlet and a long power cable. It also came with foam padding that could be put around the window openings to properly insulate the room. The implication of all these is that setting up the unit does not actually require additional spendings.

8. Installing the unit was a pretty straight forward process that most people were able to do on their own. Some people reported that they didn’t follow any instructions on the manual. Others said that they got it up in 5 minutes.

9. The unit has different modes of operation. The “fan mode” helps in bringing air from the outside. The “auto mode and the cool mode” works by intermittently putting on and putting off the fan and the compressor depending on temperature requirements.

10. There is a consensus among users about the cooling abilities of this unit. A user reported that it cooled down an entire three bedroom ranch. Others said it could cool almost the entire first floor of their house.
Others still, said the unit cooled their medium two bedroom apartment effortlessly.

Cons of SPT WA-1211S:

1. Some user expressed concerns over the longevity of the unit. A user said that the unit worked for only one summer, another user said mold were formed in the unit after it was unused for a couple of years.

2. The unit was also reported to be making a beeping sound after using for one summer, the beeping will not stop, and it affected the optimal performance of the unit. In another case, the unit worked perfectly for one summer and started consuming too much power and even blew up circuit breakers. Another user reported that the unit was completely dead after two years.

3. Some users said that the unit started giving off a bad smell.

4. There was also a significant number of complaints about the noise level of the unit.

5. There were other complaints that the unit was defective on arrival and in some cases, the customer representative were not helpful enough.

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