Frigidaire FRA156MT1 15,100 BTU Window Mounted Room Air Conditioner Review


  1. Window mounted installation
  2. 15,100 BTU cooling capacity with 3 fan speeds
  3. Cools room sizes up to 900 square feet
  4. 4 way air direction control
  5. Electronic controls with full function remote with thermostat

Pros of Frigidaire FRA156MT1:

  1. The air conditioner blows frigid air as attested to by a large percentage of users. A user said it will cool the room in which it is placed and even the adjoining rooms. Another user said it would keep the whole floor cool. Still, it was also reported that it will cool down two large rooms with no doors separating them. This unit can cool areas of up to 1300 square feet
  2. Users also said that they experienced a decrease in their electricity bills even though the air conditioner has been working all summer long. Also, the unit saved costs as people did not have to run the unit all of the times as it is powerful enough to run intermittently throughout the day.
  3. The unit comes with a pretty standard air filter that is easy to clean, and you are also informed of when it needs it needs to be cleaned, this alert message can be reset after cleaning.
  4. The power cord is very long and it could be used from across the room.
  5. There are also reports by users that they experienced noticeable cooling of their room in short periods of time ranging from 5 to 15 minutes.
  6. Also, there is an absence of humidity in the room where the unit is working. It comes with an active dehumidifier, only pumping out cold, dry air.
  7. Users were impressed by the thermostat on the remote controller that enabled them to measure the room temperature accurately, and it also made a certain feature of the AC like sleep mode work more precisely.
  8. The timer functionality on the remote was also a feature that users liked. They were able to set the unit to start working just before they arrive home.
  9. A significant number of users agreed that the noise level on this unit was quite bearable.
  10. Users also said that the unit is relatively cheaper and more power as compared to other brands or as compared to their previous AC unit.

Cons of Frigidaire FRA156MT1:

  1. Buyers experienced a lot of issues with the installation of the unit. One user said it took two people and forty-five minutes to install the AC. Another said that it took two muscular men and two hours and said that it was not as easier as other units that will just slide into the window opening. A user also gave a hilarious review by saying “needed a football team to install!”.
    Users described it as heavy and bulky.
  2. This powerful unit might also involve a separate circuit breaker, thus, could lead to a rewiring of the electrical system in the house and hence extra costs.
  3. There are other complaints from the reliability of this unit. A fair number of users said that the unit would not work after a year, some will blow hot air after two years. Some said it only worked for a summer, and someone said that it only worked for a day.
  4. Other issues had to do with dents that came with the unit; someone reported that the unit came in damaged even after an earlier return.

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